As a human being, you have no choice about the fact that you need a philosophy.

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What is Philosophy of Mind? - Kim Jaegwon

Philosophy of mind, like any other field of inquiry, is defined by a group of problems. As we expect, the problems that constitute this f...
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From Victorious Democracy to Criminal Democracy - Jacques Ranciere

‘Democracy Stirs In The Middle East’: with this title a magazine that carries the flame of economic neoliberalism celebrated some months a...
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On the Concept of the Archetype - Carl Gustav Jung

The concept of the Great Mother belongs to the field of comparative religion and embraces widely varying types of mother-goddess. The co...
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Genital pain vs. Genital pleasure: Why the one and not the other? - James W. Prescott

Male circumcision is not primarily a medical issue but rather has its roots in deeply held religious beliefs and social customs t...
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